Early Sunday morning on June 12, 2016, a radical Islamic terrorist entered into a popular local LGBT nightclub, Pulse, and committed the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.  This truly evil soul murdered 49 and wounded 53 innocent people in our community — 49 of our neighbors, people with families, friends and bright futures were snuffed out too soon.  53 got out with their lives, but are struggling to pick up the pieces.  The terrorist’s aim was to make a global statement, to spew a message of hate and intolerance, and to put our community and country in a state of fear.  In this, I am happy to report, he failed horribly.

After all these almost-unimaginable calamities, our community took charge and came together.  We donated blood and supplies from individuals and businesses alike, with volunteers working dutifully around the clock.

We are a community that embraces diversity and remains tolerant of every walk of life and will not allow this horrific crime to put us into fear or divide us.

Orlando is my home, Orlando is strong and I couldn’t be more proud to live here… 


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