If you have decided to move and need to either sell your existing home or buy a new home, finding a competent REALTOR® to market your home is a great investment — here is why…

If you choose to rent an apartment or buy, sell or lease your home, REALTORS can help you get the biggest bang for your buck.  You may think you cannot afford a REALTOR, but a REALTOR’s knowledge of the area, access to the latest market information and expertise are invaluable money-savers in the end.

If you are currently renting, this is a good time to dust off your lease agreement and figure out how much notice your landlord needs.  If your lease is coming due, you are in an ideal situation to start looking for your forever-home.

If you currently own your home and need to sell it, invite your REALTOR to view your home.  Now’s a great time to strategize.  Perhaps your house could use some light home improvements to freshen it up and give it better curb-appeal.  A REALTOR will draw your attention to things in your home that may attract or distract potential buyers.

Maybe it is time to paint that lime green bathroom a nice neutral color, cut down that dead tree in the front of your house or just de-clutter.

After a market comparison of other houses that have sold recently in your area, your Realtor will give you a good idea what price your home should be listed for.  A REALTOR’s exclusive access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), as well as their expertise,  will allow them to price your home appropriately for your area and current market conditions.

Pricing is an important factor.  Without a REALTOR, you may be selling yourself short by either underpricing or overpricing your home.  Overpriced homes will turn off or even scare away potential buyers. Time is money.  If you can afford to not sell your house until you get your desired price, (and that price can also appraise) then more power to you.

If you underprice your home, you lose opportunites to make additional money.

If you are buying a home, a REALTOR will help you get a good idea what is truly available in the marketplace.  Most people start their home search online and quickly discover that the posts are outdated!  After calling on several desired homes you may notice an unsettling trend; that all the houses you like are under contract or have been sold… because those buyers were using a (wait for it)…REALTOR!

Rather than wasting time with online searches that may be rife with expired listings, a REALTOR will have the very latest listings, so you can jump on a good value as soon as it pops on the market.  Furthermore, your REALTOR will help you make a strong offer, negotiate on your behalf and walk you through all the contracts and paperwork.

Why does it “pay” to hire a REALTOR? Ever try to fix a leaky pipe and wind up flooding the floor?  Even if you manage to do it right, all the time and money you squandered on parts could’ve been better spent calling a plumber and getting it done right the first time.

Same idea with a REALTOR.

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