Long Distance Move 101: Eliminate


If you were recently assigned a new position across the country, or perhaps are a modern-day nomad looking for a change of scenery — and now find yourself preparing for a daunting long-distance move, study these helpful tips to get your pioneer self ready for the next adventure.  

Keep these tips in mind when beginning your packing:

Get rid of all your nonessential “crap”. Elimination is both the first tip and the most important one.  Why, you may ask, is it so vital to de-clutter, pare-down and shed unnecessary items?  Because it will make every step in the process of your move easier and faster and will ultimately save you lots of money in packing, shipping, and storage costs, opening up more options for future housing.

To truly put yourself in the right mindset for parting with your beloved knickknacks and tchotchkes, I recommend watching a few episodes of Hoarders: Buried Alive on TLC.  Think of this exercise as a preemptive intervention.  By the time you’ve finished episode 4, you should be thoroughly disgusted with everything you own that doesn’t serve a function in your household.

And when you start discarding items, please don’t make the mistake of seeing it as ‘throwing money away.’  Instead, think of the time and money you’re saving.  Look ahead to the opportunities you’ll eventually get to purchase new items more suited to your future surroundings.

Pitch, Donate, Sell and Save.  Donate (or just give away) things that are clean and in good shape but you no longer need, no longer fit, or have duplicates of.  Sell everything with real value; or auction them off on eBay.  No, forget your mint condition Beanie Babies; focus on  things that other people really want.  Remember, keep those receipts from your donations for a little tax credit.

I understand that some people really, really really have a hard time pitching out their junk… even after a Hoarders marathon.  You know who you are.  But seriously; only save the items you need on a daily basis for your new home, your favorite clothes that fit, and a few highly sentimental items (like scrapbooks).  Keep furniture that you know you really want to keep.  Seize the opportunity to get rid of that beat-up, hand-me-down couch. Really separate the wheat from the chaff.  Every item you are packing must be the best-of-the best.  Your future self will thank you when she’s opening fewer boxes in her new location.

Nobody wants your junk, nobody.  Not even the Salvation Army.


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