img_2136I have created this baby registry for expectant parents who think ‘less is more,’and who believe in the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid).  I have included some of my favorite baby brands — most of these are the products I use with my own kids and found they were worth every cent.

If you are reading this, chances are you are expecting (the heartburn, constant bloated feeling, and peeing a little when you sneeze are all good tip-offs.)  It’d likely this is your first pregnancy and you have absolutely no idea what you and your baby need.  Trust me, sister, I’ve been there!

Since I was one of the youngest in my personal circle of friends to have a baby, I was completely clueless where to even begin with the baby registry process.  Truth be told, I hardly ever held an infant before I gave birth to my own.  Oh sure, friends and family always let me know “babies require a lot of stuff” but that was about as specific as they got; they never informed which items were absolutely essential.  So I did what every good Girl Scout did and over-prepared.  Only after my daughter made her grand exit did it become clear that I had purchased way too much swag.

The truth is babies do need stuff, just not all the stuff you think and not right away!

I created this list as my “do over.”  If I had a time machine to go back and have a heart-to-heart with Past Me, I would have scaled back on all my purchases (and I would also have given myself the winning lotto numbers – but I digress).

Bottom line, I advise you to under-buy, as a default.  Unless you live with the penguins in Antarctica, you can always drive out to your local baby store for whatever it turns out you need.  If you are truly afraid of being swamped with shopping bags with your newborn in tow, you can always order through Amazon. 

Baby Essentials

Boppy Nursing Pillow. Regardless if you are planning on breastfeeding or not, get the Boppy.  You wrap it around your waste and can place your babies on it while you feed them. They also tend to sleep like little angles on this!  When you are holding your newborn day and night, it really helps having something like a Boppy to relieve some pressure off your arms.

Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play. This is pure gold! I used this fantastic product instead of a bassinet.  This was hands-down the very best purchase made. For whatever reason, the geniuses at Fisher Price made it so it holds your baby at the perfect angle, so your baby feels secure and held.  They can get a good little nap in this bad boy.  While they’re catching some shut-eye, you can (attempt) to get work done.  Did I mention it’s lightweight and folds so you can easily move it around the house?  Awesome.

Pack ‘n Play Playard.  In lieu of buying a changing table, bassinet, crib and playard separately – just buy this.  I know I know, you want that perfect little nursery with a matching crib, dresser and changing table but this is totally discretionary.  Trust me, your money is far better spent on this.  You can always buy a nice bed set for your child down the road.


City Mini Stroller by Baby Jogger . I can’t say enough good things about this stroller.  It’s light, sleek, easy to open and close, narrow enough to fit through doors.  Admittedly, it is not ideal for the first few months when baby is an infant and you’ll likely have to buy an attachment for your infant car carrier to fit.  Otherwise, this is a fantastic investment.

Baby Carrier. There are so many baby carrier options and I can’t say I really loved any of my baby carriers. I just recently ordered the Ergo because my son is getting heavy (I will link my review after I have tested it out to let you know if it justifies the splurge).  My son loves to be carried and it really frees up my hands and allows me to get some work and errands done. It may be your lifeline so definitely investigate which carrier looks best for both you and your baby.

Baby Grooming Kit.  They offer many grooming kits that are good for those sharp little baby nails, with brushes and thermometers – you will need this.

Angle Care Baby Bath Support. Don’t get a fancy baby tub; it’s a waste. Just get something that provides some support for those slippery little babies while they get cleaned.


Baby Shampoo, Baby Washcloths. There are lots of options, but nothing beats good-old Johnson & Johnson Shampoo and Body Wash.

Swaddling Blankets. Get some breathable muslin swaddling blankets.  Babies love them cause they are so cozy.

Infant Car Seat and Base. I hated that I had to buy an infant car seat because they’re only good for a short period of time.  My babies outgrew each one real quickly.  Unfortunately, infant car seats are necessary evils.  Those all-in-one type car seats that go from infant to young adult are not easy to install, in or out of your car.  Trust me, you will want to get your newborn all situated in the car seat inside your house before you head out to the car on errands. Once you’re in the car, you can simply click them in and out of their base.  Plus, if you’re lucky, your little one will fall asleep right away!  I can’t tell you how nice it is, being able to just take out the car seat and click your sleeping little one into a stroller, as opposed to waking them up and transferring your crabby baby into the stroller.

Convertible Car Seat. You truly don’t need this item right away, but it will be nice to have it handy when your newborn outgrows his infant car seat.  My son was only 5 months old when this happens.  This is an item that you likely want to register for, although you can hold off on actually getting it until baby gets a bit bigger.

Awesome Diaper Bag. Get a diaper bag that has ample space, is water resistant and has a ziptop opening.  My diaper bag doubles as a purse as well, so make sure it has room for your wallet, keys and phone. Get something cute.  Come on, you deserve it, Momma.


Skip Hop Diaper Clutch. I loved this item. Throw in a couple diapers, wipes and a onsie and you can causally go to the bathroom for diaper changes without lugging your diaper bag.

Diaper Caddies. Get it.  Have one wherever you spend the bulk of your time at your home for quick impromptu diaper changes.

Clothes. Honestly, find a local Mom 2 Mom Sale or Resale shop. Paying full price ($15) for sleepers and onesies that your little one will “blow” through is just a waste. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love the sleepers with zippers.  The last thing you will want to do is snap (what feels like) a thousand little snaps in the middle of the night for a diaper change.  If you want to buy some full-price clothes get some super-cute outfits that you can show off your pride and joy in.


Nipple Cream/ Nipple Shield.  There are a ton of great options for you to try, but simple coconut oil works miracles.

Cute Nursing Cover. Listen, I am all for nursing in public and more power to you if you feel comfortable with that — thus, you may not feel the need to buy a cover at all.  However, depending on the situation and with certain company present, you may do well to get a cover. One that is lightweight, breathable and has a gap so you can see your baby while nursing (they usually have some metal boning) – this is helpful early on when you and your baby are learning how to get a proper latch.

Disposable/Reusable Nursing Pads. You will leak, a lot.  Your cups will runneth over.

Nursing undershirts/bras. I purchased lots of nursing undershirts and bras from Target.  You will need them and they will need to be washed often.

Burp Cloths. Duh

Pumping/Supplementing or Formula

Bottles. I recommend the Born Free brand. I primarily bottle-fed my daughter and never had a problem.  I would caution not to buy or even open too many bottles until you know that your little one will take the bottle.  Some babies prefer different bottles.  You may have to experiment a little to see what works for you both.

Pacifiers. I loved those pacifiers you can put your finger into that they provide at the hospital.  Don’t go crazy buying pacifiers, though, because your little one may not like them.  Neither of my kids liked using the pacifier beyond a month.

Bottle Warmer. Get something that heats up quickly. When your baby is crying at 2AM for a feeding, you will be so glad you don’t have one that takes forever to warm up. 

Bottle Cooler.  At some point if and when you ever leave your house, you will need something to keep your milk cool.

Pump. I recommend the Medela brand. Before you buy this, check your insurance company; it should be covered with a prescription from your doctor.

Milk storage bags. If you are trying to stock up a solid supply of breast milk, you will need these.


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