Windermere High School is the name of the new school being constructed to provide relief for the overcrowded West Orange High School.  Currently, West Orange High School (Winter Garden) is meant for 3,000 students, but currently has 4,300 enrolled.  The new Windermere High School is scheduled to take in 2,800 students when it opens in Fall 2017.  Read More

The growth of west Orange County has certainly made a new school a necessity, but the new name has drawn criticism from the town of Windermere itself.  The Windermere Town Council unanimously opposed the naming of the school prior to a final decision being made.  Why you might ask?  Well, the high school aged students in the town of Windermere will continue to attend Olympia High School, not the new school.  The other proposed names for the school were Lake Butler High School and Horizon High School.

The boundary lines of the new high school have not been fully decided, however, Orange County Public Schools has offered some proposed boundary maps to be decided on at a later date. CLICK HERE for maps.  Surely, many students within the Windermere Zip Code (34786) will attend the new school.

The new school is currently under construction and located off County Road 535 and Ficquette Road.  Check out the Team Koss Instagram page for a short video of the progress. For those who are new to west Orange County, you may want to check out the Team Koss video, where we explain some of the boundary lines that exist between Windermere, Winter Garden and unincorporated Orange County.

It is likely that as the area continues to grow there will be continued issues related to town, city, county and school boundary lines.  These distinctions can be important to homeowners looking to sell and buyers looking to get into these areas.


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