Is Orlando the Next Big Thing?

Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

Orlando has been making the news lately.  It’s not just Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter – although they play a big role in Orlando’s appeal.  A recent report released by Forbes ranks Orlando as the 2nd fastest growing city in the country and #1 for job growth.  US News & World Report also ranked Orlando in the Top 10 places in the country most desirable to live.  Here’s just a few reasons to be bullish about Orlando:

  1. Growth:  As reported by Forbes, Orlando is outpacing every metropolitan area in the country in job growth for the second year running.  Orlando is attracting more companies and high skilled workers particularly in the tech industry, construction is booming and there’s an endless flow of vacationers.  The growth has promoted ongoing improvements in infrastructure and home grown talent is being groomed as world class universities like the University of Central Florida.
  2. Weather:  Orlando is full of northerners who have escaped the harsh winters and more come every day.  Sure it’s hot in the summer (like everywhere else), but how can you bear a 75 and sunny February day?  Orlando offers all the benefits of Florida living, without the full effects of threatening weather on the coasts.
  3. Entertainment:  You’ll never be bored in Orlando!  Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World remain some of the hottest tourist destinations anywhere in the world.  Orlando is surrounded by lakes prime for boating, fishing water sports, not to mention world class golf courses – designed by some of golf’s biggest names.  Cuisine, arts, shopping, sports and outdoor activities are around every corner!
  4. Location:  Orlando is the most central city in Florida, making it a convenient location for statewide events, not to mention national and international conferences.  Our city is consistently rated at the top destination for conferences and events, with plentiful hotel and convention space.
  5. Opportunity:  All these factors offer endless opportunities to those looking for a place to relocate their business, start a new business or find the career and lifestyle you have always desired.  Unlike most northern cities, Orlando has a much lower amount of multi-generational residents, presenting major opportunities for young entrepreneurs to bring their ideas and work ethic to build a business, become part of the community and build it for generations to come.  Florida’s low tax and business friendly environment is also inviting!

In conclusion, is Orlando the next big thing?  Actually, it’s already a big thing.  So, get to Orlando and chart your course today!

For more information on moving to Orlando, contact Brian Koss of Team Koss, Real Estate Agents at Keller Williams Classic in Orlando at 248-854-5932 or  Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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