South Lake

Located to the west of the West Orange communities and Horizon West, is Lake County. Named for the plentiful number of lakes inside the county’s borders.  The area which includes Clermont, Groveland, Mascotte, Minneola and Montverde is considered South Lake County.  Clermont is the largest of these communities and is generally considered a western suburb of Orlando.

Clermont has experienced incredible growth over the last several decades and has become a popular destination for both young families and retirees.  The Clermont / South Lake area offers residents access to several larger lakes including Lake Minneola, Lake Minnehaha and Lake Louisa (Clermont Chain of Lakes).  The topography is also different from most of the state, as the rolling hills of Clermont sits 307 feet above sea level.

Check out our video highlighting some of the best attributes of the Clermont / South Lake area.